Community Projects


As a non profit (in process of becoming a registered charity) we are striving to help as many people as possible with their health and wellbeing.

Community classes

One of the issues that stops people taking part in exercise is the cost. Fitness has become increasingly expensive and as such is prohibitive to many people and we want to help those that are in this situation to get access to simple but effective group training sessions.  

We will be running a handful of free sessions at the new centre in addition to heading out into the community to delver more to those further afield.

Older population sessions

Physical and mental health is important at any age but regrettably as people age they often drop off the radar when it comes to exercise.  

We will be running free sessions to help older populations and will gear the sessions to help both physical and mental health. These sessions will be varied and cover things like exercise classes, outdoor walks and talks and even emergency first aid workshops.

These sessions will all be free of charge and will take place at various locations in and around the local area.

Weights for women

Women have been shown to drop out of physical exercise (studies here, here and here to name just a few) from a young age for a wide ranging variety of reasons. Some of the studies suggest that self confidence and phycological reasons often pertaining to body image are partly to blame, but whatever the reason may be, we want to try and provide a safe and encouraging environment for females of all ages and backgrounds to learn new skills and boost their self confidence when it comes to physical exercise.  

We will be running free workshops to teach safe and effect ways to implement exercise, particularly resistance type exercise, into their lives.

These sessions will run at varying times at will be held at the centre.