In-House Fitness Classes

What to expect

We run daily fitness classes best described as circuit training.

Essentially, circuits use a wide variety of equipment as well as your own bodyweight to build all round fitness. It’s nothing new and it’s a pretty basic way to exercise BUT we’ve been training this way for over 20 years and genuinely believe it to be fantastic for those short on time and not training for anything specific.

Our sessions last for around 40 minutes and are suitable for most levels. They can feel hard though, especially in the early days so we advise you to take it at your own pace and ease yourself in gently.

The class format is largely influenced by the style of the session, but they are all similar in terms of layout.

You will see the circuit set out (no other training goes on whilst the class is running). The instructor will run through how the circuit works, demonstrate the exercises, and answer any questions you may have.

Once the class starts the instructor will help everyone get warmed up before the main circuit begins. You’ll be helped along and told when and where to move next etc. In between each exercise you’ll get a quick breather and a longer one when you change to the next station. You then just repeat this for the duration of the session.

If you need to have extra rest you can, we are not here to make you feel bad, it’s a process and will get easier in time.

Our Classes

Every class is different. Different exercises, equipment, weights and tempo.

And remeber, all of our sessions are completely scalable and our instructors are on hand to help. 


The widest variety of exercise types rolled into one session.

Think cardio machines, bodyweight exercises and resistance all neatly packed into a 40 min session.

These are the ultimate all-rounder and help build great overall fitness.


The pace on these sessions is slower to allow you to really think about what you are doing and focus on working specific muscle groups.

They use bodyweight exercises alongside dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands to work, tone and strengthen muscles.

These sessions are suitable for most levels, but you’d find it helpful to have lifted before or at the very least attended a few of the cross training sessions.


These sessions use 2 or 3 cardio type stations alongside 2 more resistance focused ones.

The aim here is to build top end aerobic work. The resistance stations allow time for recovery whilst also helping to tick the muscle work box.

Great sessions that are becoming a firm favourite!